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Asbestos surveying

If you have asbestos in your place, or if you suspect that it might be the case, you may be also wondering, what should you do about it? For start, you should contact a professional asbestos removal company to have your place tested and surveyed. Asbestos surveying is crucial when one wants to determine if there are any asbestos containing materials in one’s dwelling and if there are, what are the necessary steps that need to be undertaken to minimise the risk of contamination of the air. Thus, contact Blue A Ltd, the asbestos removal company which is accredited by such government bodies like HSE or ARCA, which means that their staff is highly trained and properly insured to execute works such as: removal of asbestos from places like lagging insulation, asbestos insulation board, roofs and piping, garages, floor and ceiling tiles, cladding, roof-felt, toiler cisterns and many more, as well as to perform tests for asbestos presence, sampling and surveying.

Why you may need asbestos surveying?

If a client is not sure whether there is a risk of asbestos exposure, it is strongly recommended to have an asbestos surveying carried out in suspected area. It is especially important in case of almost any building erected between 1920 and 1980, although use of asbestos in construction was banned in the ‘90s, so in some dwellings built back then may still have been used asbestos containing materials within walls, floors and roofs. Blue A Ltd offers thorough surveying which enables to identify the problem of asbestos in a given place before undertaking any other procedures connected with removing asbestos which helps to determine the place, amount and condition of ACMs, as well as the type of asbestos these materials contain.

Types of asbestos surveying

The company performs two types of surveying: refurbishment and demolition survey and management survey. The first one, as the name suggests, has to be conducted prior to start of any refurbishment or demolition procedures to ensure that during these actions no alteration to elements of construction will damage the ACMs. The second one allows contractors to estimate the cost of the asbestos removal works, required safety measures and equipment, as well as to plan the whole endeavour. To establish if there are traces of asbestos in your place and to indentify the type of asbestos, the company will also conduct professional sampling and testing in their laboratory. Entrust Blue A Ltd this task if you want to have your dwelling appropriately and effectively surveyed and tested.

Our asbestos services

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  • Waste disposal
  • Sampling
  • Removal
  • Surveying

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