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Affordable apartments for rent in Warsaw

Where to find our aparments

We have tvelve beautiful apartments at your disposal, situated in many places in and around the city centre of Warsaw:

  • Foksal Steet,
  • Grzybowska Street, 
  • 12-14 Grzybowska Street,
  • Hoża Street,
  • Jana Pawła II Street,
  • Konstytucji Place, apartment for four,
  • Konstytucji Place, apartment for seven,
  • Łucka Street,
  • Marszałkowska Street,
  • Poznańska Street,
  • Śliska Street,
  • Złota Street.

Each apartment is fully furnished and arranged with current trends in interior design in mind. The apartments differ in capacity, so it is worth checking whether your chosen one actually can accommodate as many people as you wish to bring with you. Of course, we will not forbid you for bringing in dozens of your friends, as we are happy with each guest visiting our beautiful city. We might just worry that you won't feel as comfortable as you could :) 

What is a difference between our apartments and regular hotels

Our apartments for rent in Warsaw are placed in the city centre, but not within the "hotel zones", so prices in nearby stores are lower. The areas are well communicated with all the city landmarks and attractions, which is not always true for hotels. There is no reception service, no fixed meal hours and no check-in or check-out hours - you can arrange everything yourself, at your own pace. We do offer a minimal service though: we provide you with fresh, clean beddings and towels and bathroom supplies, and grant you a free-of-charge wi-fi connection and TV. Our apartments are fully furnished and have fully equipped kitchenettes, so that you can store and prepare your own food.

Mish Mash Hostel
Nowogrodzka 42
00-695  Warszawa
tel. 512 951 446